Every one who you meet at the Watford Food bank is a volunteer. We have NO paid staff.

They give up their precious time to help keep the Food Bank ready to help their Community.

They give between a few Hours a week upwards and without their support we would no be able to offer the support that so many people today need.

Over the Harvest Festival and Christmas times our stocks shoot up with Donations coming from Schools, Clubs, Local Businesses  Church groups and Local residents. 

Once we receive the donations we date them and sort them into the correct locations, ready for sorting into carrier bags for distributing.

This is a repetitive job with Volunteers filling boxes and getting them ready but it is always done happily.

With most Volunteers giving a few hours a week we have been able to help so many Local people.

Each team is always lead by a Team Leader who is in overall charge and assists the others to make sure that they are happy, sometimes the Team Leaders will make the Tea, but only sometimes.


This shows several volunteers collecting goods Donated to Asda at the Dome Roundabout.

If you would like to join and help in any way please contact us

Thank you..